Mahmoud Babaie

Contact: mahmoud.babaie at

Position: Assistant professor


PhD in Communication Science. Allameh Tabataba’i University, Iran.Dissertation title: Cyberspace and patterns of Discourse interaction. Supervisor prof.: Dr. Hadi Khaniki.

Project Manager:

1- Rural monograph on the village of Cheshin in Hamedan, 1986-1987
2-Design of information system in Ministry of IRGC, Human Resource Department, 1990
3-Review of General and line staff in IRGC, 1987
4- Study of the issues confronting [ re-integration of] the former Prisoners of War, 1988
5-Censorship in Iran, 1993
6-Review, analysis and modeling of Information needs, 1997-1998
7-Design and implementation of linguistic resource database in Iran Language Center 1996-1997
8-Design and implementation of domestic and international linguistics centers database in Iran Language Center 1996
9-Need Assessment for Information Centers: Design of relational structure among information centers and libraries, 1998-2000
10-Design of Web pages for IRANDOC Executive and research groups, 1999-2000
11-Electronic Publishing (e-publishing) of documents : IRANDOC- Executive departments.
12-E-Learning: with emphasis on learning and Web-based design model for Web-based learning in the field of Information Sciences. 1384-1386
13- Cyber-space effect on political behavior: the presidential election period do 1388 (presidential elections and the Internet) currently implemented: early stage
14- Trust in cyberspace; case study: social networks, 2012-2013
15- Meta-Research of the Research Projects of the Iranian Research Institute for Information Science & Technology, (From the beginning to the end of 1393), 2013-2015
16- Content production in cyberspace; Case study: Persian Blogosphere, 2011-2012

Advisor for:
1- Review of IRANDOC information activities from 1968-1999, 1999
2- Comparative study of the graduate courses in LIS in UK, Iran, USA and India, 1999
3- Seismic Research scientists information need assessment, 1998-1999
4- Determine the electronic information needs of faculty members in schools of agriculture

Project Associate
Impact of War on School students”, ۱۹۸۶

1- Electronic Publishing. Tehran, IRANDOC, 2003
2- Information Need Assessment. Tehran, IRANDOC, 1999.
3- An Introduction to E-learning. Chpar & IRANDOC, 2010.
Limited release:
1- Interpretation of SPSS statistical indicators, 1989
2- Kurdistan Crisis: Sides of a triangle, 1981

1- E-learning Application within organizations. Journal of Information Sciences & Technology, Vol. 24, No. 1, Autumn 2009
2- Review of IRANDOC Databases, Information Science, Vol. 11, No.2, Winter 1997
3- Introducing IRANDOC foreign-sourced databases, Journal of Information Sciences, Vol.11, No.3, Spring 1996
4- Principles of Information Needs Assessment, Vol.12, No.4, summer 1997.
5- Executive information systems and information quality, Journal of Information Sciences, Vol.12, No.3, Spring 1997
6- Required Skills for Web-based learning. Iranian Journal of Information Management. Vol. 1, No. 3-4, 2006-7.
7- Designing Website for libraries: methods and mechanisms. Addresses and Essays of Iranian Library and Information Science Association [ILISA] Seminars. Vol. 2, 2003. Published: 2005.

1- E-Publishing and E-Learning: Faculty of Social Sciences – University of Allameh Tabatabaie
2- E-Learning: Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Tehran
3- Cybernetics and communication Theories, University of Tehran and university of Kharazmi

1. Electronic publishing workshop. irandoc February 2009
2. Electronic publishing workshop. irandoc January 2009
2. Electronic publishing workshop.Tarbiat Modares Oct. 2009

1- E-publishing & E-Learning
2- Cyberspace Study
3- Media & Communication Studies
4- Needs Assessment